Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Dreams...

This little girl is rough and tough and not afraid to get dirty. Seriously dirty.

This little girl will sword fight and play Batman and Robin with her brother.

This little girl picked up a worm the other day -something her mother wouldn't dream of doing.

But, this is also a little girl who loves her Cinderella PJ's.

This little girl thinks it is a law to wear a hairbow outside of the house.

This little girl loves to have her fingernails painted.

And now this little girl has a new love for one of my old loves.

My babydoll.

I love this little girl!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


The kids love to take a bath in our jetted tub- super treat usually only reserved for weekend nights when I am feeling extra nice.

Guess I wasn't paying attention when I put the bubbles in the "big bathtub." Didn't really seem like a lot...until I turned the jets on! The kids thought it was absolutely hilarious- and it was kinda funny, but also a BIG MESS!
But at least the bathtub got a good scrubbing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CAC Zoo Trip

CAC Windsong Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4

Braden and his sweet teacher, Mrs. Amy

Every year the kids go on a trip to the LR Zoo. We were seriously wondering if the rain was going to cancel our trip, but although we had rain the night before, were were able to go as planned!

CAC Gymnastics Program

Braden takes gymnastics at school once a week. He occasionally shows me some things he has learned, but never do I get to see all they do, except at the end of the year program. Braden did great- he has come so far from last year's program (posted April 22, 2010). They were all super cute doing all their gymnastics tricks and it is just crazy to see how big all of the kids are getting!

Super Heros!

It is just so perfect that we have kids across the street that are the same ages as Braden and Allison- and they get along so well!

This day, the boys decided to be Superheros! (and check out the girls in the back- always a princess!)

A Sweet Moment....

For all the times that the kids aggravate each other, there are times when I know they really love each other. This is one of those times.

Somehow, totally on their own, Braden and Allison came up with the idea that Braden was going to read Allison her bedtime story and then rock her. The reading went great, but I am not sure that Braden really took into account, before agreeing to "rock" her, that Allison is not that much smaller than he is!

Should I try to get caught up?

Allison and Lily on the trampoline. Yes, Allison has on rainboots. You will have to ask her what that is about.

Lily, Allison and Karly getting some cheeto faces going

Lane, Kenzie and Braden

Joelle and baby Luke

Guys pretending to be excited about having their picture taken

Should I try to get caught up?

We'll see. I have a lot of pictures that should have been on this blog a long time ago, but just haven't made it.

A couple of people have given me a little grief about not updating in a month, so I will try to get a little caught up...

Almost a month ago, when it first started warming up, we had our Life Group from church over for a cookout. We had a great time visiting and eating and the kids had fun running around and getting dirty- we are planning to do it again soon!