Thursday, August 25, 2011

They are both part fish!

Everyone who sees my kids in the pool says they are part fish! Neither child has ever been afraid of the water and will just jump right in (after an adult says it is okay, of course!). We are so blessed to have great neighbors who have a pool and allow us to come over often to swim. The kids were in the pool the other night and I grabbed my camera for a few shots- of course they are usually under water, so it is hard to get a good picture!
He has mastered the back float!

 Spiderman hang

 Jumping right in!
 Practicing strokes
 "Ballerina throw"  (twists in the air before splashing in)
 Backwards flip

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Lily!

Today we went to Lily's birthday party. Lily is one of Allison's very best friends, so both kids were so excited to help her celebrate her 3rd birthday, especially since it was at Funland! We had never been there, so the suspense was killing us! The kids had a fun time riding on some old school carnival type rides. Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Lily!

 Allison was in her diva mode and decided to wear her sunglasses most of the time.
 Check out the ponytail!
 Close -up of the pony tail!
 Mamas and their girls!
 Allison has been saying all week that she wanted Lily to ride the carousel with her.  Mission accomplished!
 That driver is keeping her eyes on the road!
 Kinsey and Braden hung together because they were the oldest.  They look pretty dangerous on those motorcycles!
 Seriously, they are both smiling and looking at the camera??  Of course, you can't exactly see what dircetion their eyes are looking...

 I think Braden's favorite ride was the ferris wheel.
 I let Jason ride the train.  That's just the kind of wife I am.
 Carter and Allie!  Carter's mama is a photographer- I think he is used to the camera with that great smile!
 Chocolate cupcakes!

Apparently Lily wasn't quite fast enough, so I kept catching Braden "helping" her unwrap.  Luckily she didn't seem to mind.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gone Fishin'

This evening Maumelle hosted a "Fishing Derby." Seemed like a fine event for a Friday night, so we grabbed our Buzz Light Year and Disney Princess fishing poles, a few worms and stuff, and away we went!

Worms.  Enough said.

She held it, but she did decide it was gross.  Good girl.

                                    The first 5 minutes of fishing, so he was still interested.

             Casting his line (is that what you call it?)
 Allison's turn.  Concentrating on getting it right.  Or making sure that worm doesn't get away.

Proof that I came along for this awesome event.
 And yes! Braden caught a fish!  And it weighed...wait for it....1 whole ounce!!!!!!!!
 I am pretty sure that the kids would agree with me, the best part is the ice cream afterwards!
                                 Orange sorbet and pink lemonade sorbet was Braden's choice. And he loves it.  Gets it everytime.  Go figure.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Officially in Kindergarten!

Braden has been waiting for SO long for this day.  If he could have, he would have skipped Pre-K4 and headed straight for Kindergarten.  You see, in Kindergarten he switched from a school of just 3's and 4's to a BIG school with BIG kids.  He has told everyone he meets that he is going into Kindergarten.
(the pics posted backwards...oops!)
 Giving sister a big hug good-bye!
 So excited to have a cubby!
 Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Rowan

 The character back pack that I am still cringing over.

 The morning of Kindergarten!
 Last night before Kindergarten!
Where has my baby boy gone???

His mama, on the other hand, has been contemplating where the last 5 years have gone and how on earth do I have a child in Kindergarten?!  I have shed a few tears over realizing my little baby boy is growing up, but I am so proud of Braden and the big kid that he is becoming!  Here's to a great Kindergarten year!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do I Dare??

I am not sure where to even start updating this blog! I have actually tried a couple of times and the first time it wouldn't accept my post and the second time it wouldn't download my pictures properly, so before I go and try to get an actual post on this blog of mine, I am going to just use this as a test post. Hopefully there will be updates to come!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Dreams...

This little girl is rough and tough and not afraid to get dirty. Seriously dirty.

This little girl will sword fight and play Batman and Robin with her brother.

This little girl picked up a worm the other day -something her mother wouldn't dream of doing.

But, this is also a little girl who loves her Cinderella PJ's.

This little girl thinks it is a law to wear a hairbow outside of the house.

This little girl loves to have her fingernails painted.

And now this little girl has a new love for one of my old loves.

My babydoll.

I love this little girl!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


The kids love to take a bath in our jetted tub- super treat usually only reserved for weekend nights when I am feeling extra nice.

Guess I wasn't paying attention when I put the bubbles in the "big bathtub." Didn't really seem like a lot...until I turned the jets on! The kids thought it was absolutely hilarious- and it was kinda funny, but also a BIG MESS!
But at least the bathtub got a good scrubbing.