Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thought this picture was cute and it didn't make it in the last post. Can anyone tell me how to get blogger to take more pictures in one post? Mimi (Mom) thanks for all your hard work while you were here!


Easter post is a little late, but we have had a lot going on around here! We had a fun Easter weekend! Mimi was able to come up to visit, but Papa had to stay and work since April 15 was right around the corner.

Saturday we went to an Easter Egg hunt in a park that was great- tons of eggs to hunt. Braden grabbed a few and then wanted to just play on the playground. Oh well, we at least we went! We also colored Easter eggs, but Braden got a little crazy and had more fun splashing the eggs in the color- needless to say, most of the eggs ended up cracked.

We are about to have some major changes around here so keep us in your prayers. Jason has taken a new job in Little Rock, AR and the kids and I will be here until the house sells. We are glad he has a job, but it will be very sad to pack up our life here and leave our friends. It will also be hard to have our family separated until things are finalized here. It will be nice to be closer to both our families though!