Friday, September 11, 2009

There Are No Words...

I happened to catch the girl "accessorizing." Oh, what a diva! Love the new way to wear the shades!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Girl and Her Pearls

She may not be able to wear big bows yet, but she can put on the jewelry! Allison LOVES to wear bracelets and necklaces- as many as she can find- the girl can never have too many! Usually she puts them all on one arm, so bracelets can easily go from her wrist to her elbow- she is all about the accessories!

She is showing that she can be very diverse in her interests. If Braden is playing cars or trucks or tools, she wants to be right in the middle, which causes screaming, fighting and usually tears. If he is not around, she is happy playing with jewelry or dolls. Seriously, girl!
Also, notice Allison is now walking! Took a while, but she is finally getting the hang of it, and now prefers to walk over crawl. About time, kiddo! Everyone says I will be sorry, but I don't think so- I am tired of watching her get caught crawling in dresses!

Sorry for the red eye- working off Jason's old laptop (for only about 6 more weeks!), but I don't know how to edit on this computer.