Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ice Cream Truck!

We were getting ready to leave for the grocery store on Friday, when what did we hear??
The ice cream truck! As far as I know he has never been in our neighborhood, so my kids HAD to have ice cream! I had to take pics because it was the first time they had gotten a treat from the ice cream man- and of course, our best buddies across the street joined us for the melting, sticky mess!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

College Roommate Playdate!

Eating donuts that Melissa brought
Yes, Allison is in dress up clothes, and has been all day. Ashley was calling her "
Princess Gilligan," with that awesome hat!

Kayden had fun with Allison b/c she thought she was a baby! Allison didn't care!

Burke checking out that crazy kid outside!


Hooked up the hose (with duct tape, non the less) so it was a water slide and that was quite a hit!

Caught some air on that slide!

3 out of 4 roomies- our other roomie is now a Texan!

Today 2 of my college roommates, Ashley and Melissa, and their kids and Melissa's sister, Terri, came over to play! Melissa lives in Georgia so we don't get to see her much, and although Ashley lives not far away, we don't get to see her much either.

Melissa has 2 girls, Kayden and Brecken, who are 4 and almost 2, and Ashley, has one little girl, Burke, who is one. Fun times! The kids played very well together for the most part. They had fun eating donuts and playing inside, but the real fun was outside in the HEAT!
Glad you girls got to come over! Love you!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Karate Kid!

Braden and his good friend, Rowan, are taking a Karate class this summer. I wasn't sure if Braden would like it or not, but decided to try and he really enjoys it! I am not exactly sure what he is learning (self defense, or as Braden says, how to fight the bad guys!), but it is good for his coordination and following instructions. A fun class for the summer! Even Allison has learned to associate the word Karate with "HI-YA!"