Monday, March 28, 2011

7 Facts Blog Award

My highschool/now blog friend, Summer, gave me this "award" way back on March 1. I thought it was cute and it was nice that she thought of me, so I really meant to comply with the award. Then I forgot. Now it is the end of March and I am remembering. At least it is still the same month! 7 Random Facts about me- Here it goes:

  • 1. I am an only child. Many people don't realize this, and when they find out, say things like "that explains so much." Whatever that means...

  • 2. Since I have been married, we have lived in Colorado, California, Illinois (2houses) and now Arkansas. Following my man!

  • 3. Laundry is my nemesis. I often wonder how the Duggars get it all done. I know the big kids help the little kids, but that doesn't mean there is any less laundry. I could do laundry 24/7 and there would still be more laundry.

  • 4. I LOVE my family pictures. I am sure a "real decorator" would tell me I have too many pics, but my thought is, I worked hard to bring these children into the world, and I am working hard to keep them in the world, so I want to display their cute faces and my hard work!

  • 5. I LOVE a bargain! I seriously get giddy over finding something great for an even greater price. Don't so much love to "dig" for bargains, but I could hang out in TJ Maxx for quite some time if I am in the right mood and don't have children with me.

  • 6. I used to hate all things character like. I swore my children wouldn't wear all those goofy character shirts. EAT MY WORDS. My daughter is all things Disney princess, and to some extent I have given in. She has a t-shirt or 2. He has a Cars t-shirt or 2. But only for play. And I still can't stand Winnie the Pooh. Sorry Pooh fans, he just annoys me with his whiny voice. I get enough whiny around the house.

  • 7. I belive smocked dresses and big hairbows are God's gift to little girls (or maybe their Mamas). Enough said.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are They Twins??

We were in a store the other day (and the children were NOT dressed alike)
and a nice MOM OF 2 asked me if the kids are twins.
"No Ma'am, they are 2 and 5."
(with a foot and 1/2 or so height difference...)(But I didn't say that...)
Guess they look somewhat alike??

Saturday, March 19, 2011


The little girl who has been forever bald is starting to get some hair! Still not enough for an actual ponytail, but we were quite excited over little pigtails!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just a Swingin'!

Check out all the hair flying in the wind! Yay!!

It is almost spring and we are SO ready!
I have done a bunch of posts on Braden yesterday, so I figured I would give the "second child" some blog time!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Officially 5!

Braden officially turned 5 last Wed. We had already had his party, but I still wanted to make his actual birthday special- you only turn 5 once!
He took donuts to school to share with his friends, and when I picked him up from school, we met our neighbors at Cupcakes on the Ridge for a huge cupcake which my kids didn't eat. Note to self: the box kind work just as well. He opened the presents we gave him that evening and opened a super cool Spiderman/Batman cape from Mrs. Linda and Mr. Bob.
The celebration continued when he opened gifts and had another cake on Saturday and Grandma and Grandpa's! Truly a week long celebration for this special Birthday boy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Braden's 5th Birthday Party!

1st time to Chuck E Cheese and not too sure...

Daddy joined in on the fun!

Allison got in a few games too- she actually hit the Jackpot on tickets!

CARS cake per Braden's request

Make a wish!

Receiving his Birthday medal

Trying to do some Birthday dance

Ticket Blaster!
We celebrated Braden's 5th Birthday last Saturday with Chuck E Cheese and about 500 of our closest friends. That place is wild on a Saturday! A bit overwhelming to me, but I think Braden had fun.
Measure of success would be this:
I asked "Braden where do you want to have your 6th Birthday?"
Braden answered "Chuck E Cheese."
-Birthday party success.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Braden's First Soccer Game!

Braden had his first soccer game last week.
Practice was Thursday and the first big game was Friday. Thank goodness they don't keep score this young!
Braden would occasionally kick the ball and then stop and smile. He did start to get the hang of it towards the end of the game. His friend fell down and he stopped in the middle of the game to check on him, leaving one little boy with 3 opponents.
Most importantly, I think all the kids had fun- and for sure ran off some energy!