Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Veggie Tales" as sung by Braden and Allison

Braden and Allison had so much fun playing together this afternoon! Any idea that Braden comes up with, Allison usually will go along with. We saw the Veggie Tales last week, and since then that is all they have listened to in the car. Braden decided to do a Veggie Tales "show" that I caught on video. When he says "that's your name, Allison!," it is because he named her Lima Bean- and yes, she agreed to it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pinnacle Mountain

looking through the telescope
Bradley and Braden

The best of the 4 of us we could get that day

Daddy and daughter

First date??

Catch up, Allison!

In serious conversation

Peeking through the playground equipment

We have passed Pinnacle Mountain 100's of times since we have lived in Little Rock, but it took friends visiting for us to actually see what all the hype was about! Our friends from Illinois, Mike, Wendy, Bradley and Zachary came to visit over Labor Day. We had great weather and decided to become one with nature (as much as that term and Angela Grace go together.)

Pinnacle Mountain was really fun! We went to the visitor's center and to the look out, had a picnic lunch, went on a short hike and then to the playground. That was A LOT for one day for 2 4 year olds, 2 2 year olds and the parents that were keeping up with all those kids!