Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Burke!!

Adorable decorations (all pink!) everywhere!

Burke's "smash" cake!

Ashley and Burke

Trying to get a good pic with both babies!

Allison check out all of Burke's presents!

Still checking things out...

Allison laughing as Burke was trying to give her kisses.
Allison kept calling Burke "deedee"(baby) not realizing that Burke is almost as big as she is!

Braden was not impressed with all the pink! He refused to eat a cupcake because he said they were "girl colors." He missed out because they were yummy!

So excited about her new teaset from her mommy!

Allison (and Braden too, sorry Jason if you ever read this) had fun at Burke's new vanity set!

Cute pic, but we are missing our 4th roomie- Hope to see you soon Melis!

My kids had their own personal table! We left plenty of crumb evidence to show we were there!

Saturday we went to a party for a sweet 1 year old little girl! My college roommate's baby, Burke, had her first birthday and it was SO cute! Ash really went all out with the pink and cute decor!
I didn't think we would be able to stay long, but my kids actually behaved somewhat well, so we were able to stay for a while, while they amused themselves with Burke's baby toys and new vanity- Jason was not impressed that Braden knows all to well how to use a hairdryer and a curling iron! Later Braden used the hairdryer to "warm up" the "tea" he made us with Burke's new teaset.
Happy Birthday Burke- you are growing up fast!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bubbles, Bubbles EVERYWHERE!!

Braden has been dying to take a bath in our "big bathtub," so I decided to let them get in tonight. This is not the first time they have been in there, so they know it is a lot of fun with the jets making bubbles and all. It never occured to me that when I put a little bubble bath in the tub and turned the jets on that all the sudden we would have bubbles to the ceiling! Not literally, but I did jump in, partially clothed and all, to play lifeguard! The kids had a blast and and not only did they get clean, but the walls did too!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Her Turn Now!

Jason had 1, I had 2, Braden is on his 3rd, so it was time for Allison to join the family history and get her 1st (and hopefully only) set of ear tubes. Everything went fine, and we knew what to expect, since we have done this 3 other times with Braden, 2 of those times adding adenoids and tonsils out.
Tried to post video I took of her after she had "goofy juice." She was super out of it, and yes, it was funny! She was more out of it than when Braden had the stuff. She just kind of randomly laughed and bobbed her head around. I love this stuff b/c they say it makes it so where they don't remember anything about going back to the OR.
Surgery took less than 10 minutes and the worst part was when she was coming off the anesthesia- not a happy little girl. I promised her a dog from the gift shop- we went to get one and she wanted them all!
We are home now and she is back to normal- getting into everything in the desk drawer as I type! That's my girl!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Baby LOVES her Babies!

Allison loves her babies! Anywhere she goes- our house, friends house, church nursery, wherever- the girl spots out the babies and hangs on to one. She is quite the girly girl which is fine by me!

And yes, she is rocking a Mickey Mouse figurine wrapped up in a blanket!