Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Allison!

She has no clue what a big day today is!!! This time last year my sweet little girl was just a few hours old- what a difference a year makes! Now this baby is all over the place!
Allison didn't really crawl on hands and knees till almost 11 months- she was content to watch her seriously hyper brother.
Allison hasn't quite figured out baby dolls yet, although she does have some super cute ones (thanks mom and dad), but she totally knows how to make a truck go and talk on a phone.
Allison is very attached right now to a play stethoscope and 2 plastic shovels- Always wears the stethoscope (makes Braden very mad) and always carries the 2 shovels.
Still loves her taggie blanket, especially at night. Never took a paci
Still gets 3-4 bottles a day. Eats almost everything, but still very much eats fruits and veggies baby food- mostly my doing b/c I know she is getting some good stuff that way.
Can stand alone for quite a few seconds, but hasn't taken first steps yet.
Don't know how much she weighs (we go for her 1 year appt. tomorrow) but she has to outweigh her brother judging on how MUCH she eats and how LITTLE he eats.
Kinda going through a Mommy phase right now, but smiles and waves to everyone.
Still almost bald, but has just enough hair to get a TINY bow in (only a specific kind) but if she finds out it is up there, she rips it out.
Has a love/not so much love, relationship with Braden- they play happily together till he wacks her or takes something from her, then she screams (literally), he screams (literally) and the fun is over.
RARELY cries- can't really remember the last time she let a good cry out
Love her to pieces! Sweet, happy baby and her first year has gone by too fast!

The first couple of pictures are of her and her birthday cake. We had a small family party (just my parents and Jason's parents and siblings). We let the kiddos swim and we grilled out and had cake and presents. Allison puts EVERYTHING in her mouth- except cake apparently! Once I finally put a piece in her mouth, she was all about it, but I had to get her started.
The last picture is at our old house when her room was packed. We are now officially no longer in Illinois and we miss our friends so much! We are still in transit, renting till we find the right house.