Thursday, January 27, 2011

Because I am tired of looking at my Christmas posts...

Snow angels!

Repeat picture!
"snow angel princess"(according to her)

Could not keep her from eating the snow!

Snow ball fight!

Both kids looking at the camera! It's a winter miracle!

Child labor at its best

The mom and dad

Possibly a 2 foot bank robber

4 wheeler comes out in any weather

Can you tell the gloves and boots are hand me downs?

Possibly his last snow as a 4 year old!
I will go ahead and update my blog with some January pics. I planned to get some of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on here, but I think those pics are on my mom's camera.
We had Christmas, it was fun, made cookies, presents, food, etc.
Fast forward to January (since it is about over) and SNOW!!!
Snow is wonderful and terrible all at the same time- so pretty to see, so exciting for the kids to be able to play in, but it takes SO LONG to get them dressed to go outside in the snow and play! Having lived in Colorado and St. Louis, I know how to dress for being outside in the snow, and it takes about 50 layers, and by the time it is all done, usually a child has to take a bathroom break so it starts all over again!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Rest of 2010 - CAC Christmas Program

Way back in 2010, on December 17, Braden's school had their Christmas program. They had chapel and then sang a few Christmas songs. The classes had made t-shirts with their handprints in the shape of a wreath. I am thinking for next year Braden may need a Santa hat that is about 1/2 the size of the one he had on- it didn't help that he decided to wear it so far back on his head! I actually didn't realize it was so big until I saw the other kids with smaller ones- guess I thought Santa hats were "one size fits all." Not so, I tell you.
After the program, the class headed to Chuck E Cheese for the Christmas party. The kids had a blast and their was no work or clean up to do for parents. Yea! Of course, now Braden has decided he must have his 5th birthday at Chuck E Cheese - 5th birthday! How are we even talking about this?!!?