Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Projects

Braden waited IMpatiently until Daddy let him help him paint (the wall behind the door where no one could see...)

I bought him new "big boy" bedding from PBK and I love it! Especially love the monagramming on the pillow! All about it!

The artwork on the wall is Braden originals.

Hoping to get a few veggies!

No, I do not run a daycare center...

We were busy and actually productive (as much as you can be with 2 toddlers) last weekend!
I decided a few weeks ago that I could no longer stand the bland color on the childrens' walls, which thrilled Jason b/c it meant doing one of his favorite things- PAINTING! He hates it! He managed to get Braden's room painted, but we decided with 2 kids it is better if he can paint Allison's room when we go to my parents. Saturday was chaotic at best, but I am very happy with Braden's room.

Sunday after church we went to Home Depot and got some cucumber and tomato plants. My good friend and former neighbor used to bring us fresh tomatoes from her huge garden all the time, and so I decided we need to try to get the fresh veggies ourselves. That, and it saved us from having to do more landscaping...I am hoping to at least have 1 burger with a fresh tomato this summer!
Last project was spur of the moment. We have been fighting with the garage to keep it arranged. Between having to put the contents of a garage and a basement into just a garage, it has been nearly impossible, even with an extra garage. I had Jason move some shelves, and it is looking pretty good, for the moment, until the children step outside...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CAC Gymnastics Rocks!

That is what the T-shirts said that the kids were wearing for their gymnastics program at school. The kids did a great job! This is an extra program that the school offers, but almost all the kids take it, and I am so glad we got Braden in the program. He has low muscle tone which has given him some delays, so this is a great activity for him. The teachers said he has improved so much since he started, which made me feel good. The end of the school year is coming fast!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Belated Easter!

Allison was getting over being sick last week, so we didn't all make it to church and we didn't get any Easter pics. We tried to get a couple shots this week, but the kiddos weren't cooperating all that well. Braden had a cute vest on, but it got ink on it in Sunday school, so it is soaking in oxy clean, and will be for a while. Am I the only mom who CONSTANTLY has something soaking?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt #2

The class made tie-dye t-shirts on Monday to look like easter eggs!

We met Braden's CAC class over at a park for a Easter Egg Hunt/ picnic. He doesn't usually go to school on Thursday, but he could come as long as I stayed with him -so Allison comes too!